Adonis a God in Greek mythology

According to Greek mythology
Greek mythology portrays Adonis as the result of the union between Myrrha and her own father Cinyras. Aphrodite falls in love with the young Adonis and hides him in a large chest which is left in the safe keeping of Persephone. Persephone decides to look in the chest, and on doing so immediately also falls in love with Adonis, refusing to return Adonis to Aphrodite.

Zeus judges the case
In order to resole the problem of Adonis, Zeus comes to the following decision, Adonis will spend six months on earth each year with Aphrodite, and for the remaining six months will join Persepone in the underworld

Adonis - Aphrodite - Persephonne - Zeus

The name Adonis derives from the Phoenician word for lord "adon"

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