King Aeacus

The son of Zeus and Aegina in Greek Mythology

Aeacus the King of Pythia
According to Greek mythology Aeacus was a King well noted for his piety by his Pythian subjects. Aeacus had three sons, Telamon and Peleus by his first wife Endeia, and Phocas his youngest son, by Psamathe. The two eldest sons of King Aeacus, Telamon and Peleus grew increasingly resentful and jealous of their younger half brother Phocus, eventually murdering him. When King Aeacus found out what his two eldest sons had done, Aeacus banished them for life from his Kingdom of Pythia.

Pelops murder of Stymphalus
When Pelop murdered Stymphalus the Gods are said to have been so angered that they caused a drought which affected the whole of Greece. The Gods only relented, and allowed it to rain again, in answer to the prayers of King Aeacus.

Aeacus - Zeus - Telamon - Peleus - Phocus

Greek mythology states upon his death, King Aeacus due to his piety became a Judge of souls in Hades.

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