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Facts about the History of Connecticut

The History of the State of Connecticut with some brief, but essential historical events, dates in a timeline and the people who made the State of Connecticut great. You will find all of the relevant facts, data and info in a comprehensive Timeline format providing facts about the History of Connecticut and how this fits in with the History of America. Historical facts, a timeline and information about the Tribes of Indians of the State of Connecticut. Discover these interesting facts about the History of Connecticut including its explorers, pioneers, settlers and leaders. The Timeline format provides a chronology of important people and events important to the History of  Connecticut. For General Information about the State please click the following link: Fast Facts about the State of Connecticut



Facts about the History of Connecticut History

  • Facts about the History of Connecticut History - 1600's Indians of Connecticut

    • Connecticut was first explored by the Dutch

    • 1633 - Dutch traders purchase land from the Pequot Tribe and make the first permanent settlement

    • 1635 - First English settlers arrive and were considerably helped by the Paugaussett Indians

    • 1637 - The Pequot War - Native Indians of Connecticut included the Narragansetts, Mohegans, Wampanoags, Nipmucks, Pocumtucks, Abenakis and Pequots. The Pequots were defeated by the colonists, who were led by John Underhill and John Mason, and the Narragansetts and Mohegans who were their allies

    • 1675 - 1677 King Philip's War so named after Metacomet of the Wampanoag tribe, who was called Philip by the English. The war was bloody and bitterly fought by the colonists against the Wampanoags, Narragansetts, Nipmucks, Pocumtucks, and Abenakis. During King Philip's War, up to one third of America's white population was wiped out. This war proved to be the final struggle by the Indians of Connecticut

    • For interesting information  refer to Facts about the Connecticut Colony

    Facts about the History of Connecticut History - 1700's

    • By the early 1700s enslaved Africans made up a growing percentage of the colonial population

    • 1756 - 1763 - The Seven Years War (French and Indian War) due to disputes over land is won by Great Britain. France gives England all French territory east of the Mississippi River, except New Orleans. The Spanish give up east and west Florida to the English in return for Cuba.

    • 1775 - 1783 - The American Revolution creates the United States of America. The Revolution was due to the British burden of taxes and total power to legislate any laws governing the American colonies

    • July 4, 1776 - United States Declaration of Independence

    • July 10, 1778 - France declares war against Britain and makes an alliance with the American revolutionary forces

    • September 3, 1783 - The Treaty of Paris is signed by the victorious United States and the defeated Great Britain

  • Facts about the History of Connecticut History - The Early 1800's

    • 1812 - 1815 - The War of 1812 between U.S. and Great Britain, ended in a stalemate but
      confirmed America's Independence

  • Facts about the History of Connecticut History - The American Civil War

    • 1861 - 1865 The American Civil War. In 1859 John Brown raided Harpers Ferry and set in
      motion events that led directly to the outbreak of the Civil War. Abraham Lincoln, a
      known opponent of slavery, was elected president and in 1861 the South Secedes. The
      initial Secession of South Carolina was followed by the secession of Mississippi, Florida,
      Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Texas, Virginia, Arkansas, Tennessee, and North Carolina.
      These eleven states eventually formed the Confederate States of America. The
      bombardment of Fort Sumter was the opening engagement of the American Civil War.
      The surrender of Robert E. Lee on April 9 1865 signalled the end of the Confederacy

    • 1865 December 6 - The Abolishment of Slavery. The Thirteenth Amendment to the U.S Constitution is ratified, thus officially abolishing slavery

    • 1898-1901 The Spanish American War. On December 10, 1898 the Treaty of Paris the US annexes Puerto Rico, Guam, Philippines.

  • Origin of the name - the name was derived from the Indian name "Quinnehtukqut" which means "beside the long tidal river."


The History of Connecticut provides facts and a timeline crammed with historical facts and dates about State leaders and explorers who impacted the History of the State of Connecticut. The early history and timeline of Connecticut providing significant facts in the History of Connecticut.

Facts about the History of Connecticut
The following details and
Facts about Indians are helpful when compiling a fact sheet about the State:

  • Key Dates and events
  • Major Historic Events with a Timeline
  • Additional Information about key people with Birth date and date of death where possible
  • Details of Explorers, Settlers, Pioneers and Leaders who had an impact on the State
  • Informative Timeline including critical dates, events and wars

Facts about the History of Connecticut
Fast facts about the History of Connecticut! Fast historical facts about the history of Connecticut! Find out the important historical information about the History of Connecticut - its leaders, Native Indians, pioneers, explorers and settlers! Facts and a timeline about the History of Connecticut. The History of Connecticut is full of interesting information about this great American State! Facts and History of Connecticut with a Connecticut History Timeline of Events in the History of America and Connecticut. Great for homework, or projects, an ideal Educational Resource and tourist information for " The Constitution State !"

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Facts about the History of Connecticut

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