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Interesting Facts about Indians of Texas
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  • Fact 1 - Texas is a state of the southwestern US, on the Gulf of Mexico. The indigenous people of this state included various tribes of Native Americans. The Southwest Indians were tribes of hunter farmers and covered parts of the U.S. states of Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Utah, and Colorado
  • Fact 2 - The Great Plains area covers parts of the U.S. states of Colorado, Kansas, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Texas and Wyoming
  • Fact 3 - Names of Border States: Arkansas Louisiana New Mexico Oklahoma


  • Fact 4 - Origin of the name of the state: Based on a word used by Caddo Indians meaning "friends"
  • Fact 5 - Features of the area: Gulf Coast Plain in the south and southeast; North Central Plains slope upward with some hills; Great Plains extend over the Panhandle, are broken by low mountains; Trans-Pecos are southern extension of the Rocky Mountains.
  • Fact 6 - The Indians of Texas included the Apache, Alabama, Atakapa, Biloxi, Caddo, Cherokee, Choctaw, Comanche, Creeks, Koasati, Koroa, Kiowa, Muskogee, Pueblos, Quapaw, Shawnee, Waco and Wichita tribes

Comanche Warrior

  • Fact 7 - The Apache tribe are famous for their fierce fighting qualities. Their name comes from a Zuñi word meaning “enemy.” The Eastern Apache were predominantly hunter gatherers, whilst their Western counterparts relied more on farming but were driven from their lands by the Comanche. Today the Apache live mainly on reservations covering over 3 million acres in Arizona and New Mexico. They still retain many tribal customs
  • Fact 8 - The Atakapa an Indian people formerly living along the Gulf Coast of Louisiana and Texas who lived a nomadic life following the buffalo in the Great Plains of North America
  • Fact 9 - The Alabama or Alibamu are a South-eastern culture people of Indians
  • Fact 10 - The Tunica - Biloxi Indians inhabited an area near the coast of the Gulf of Mexico - Mississippi. They were eventually forced west into Louisiana and eastern Texas.
  • Fact 11 - The Caddo Indians are plains Indians related to the Wichita and Pawnee tribes
  • Fact 12 - The Cherokee Indians were one of the "Five Civilized Tribes", because they had assimilated cultural and customs of the white settlers and colonists. The Cherokee refer to themselves as the "Principal People". The "Five Civilized Tribes" were the Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Creek, and Seminole
  • Fact 13 - The Choctaw Indians of central and southern Mississippi and southwest Alabama, Florida and Louisiana with present-day populations in Mississippi and southeast Oklahoma. The Choctaw became known as one of the "Five Civilized Tribes".
  • Fact 14 - The Comanche are believed to be one of the first tribes to fully incorporate the horse into their culture and to have introduced the horse to the other Plains peoples. They were well known as fierce warriors
  • Fact 15 - The Muskogee Creek tribe of Indians were members of the Creek Confederacy formerly living in eastern Alabama, southwest Georgia, and northwest Florida and now located in central Oklahoma and southern Alabama. The Creek received their name from white traders because so many of their villages were located by rivers and creeks.The Creek were removed to Indian Territory in the 1830s.
  • Fact 16 - The Koasati, also called Coushatta, were farmers of maize and corn. They spoke the Muskogean language like other Choctaw tribes and originated in Georgia and Alabama but under pressure from white settlers they moved west into Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas.
  • Fact 17 - The Koroa originated in the Mississippi Valley. The Chickasaw were their enemies who conducted raids against the Koroa, taking them captive and selling them to Carolina slave traders. They are now an extinct tribe.
  • Fact 18 - The Kiowa were a tribe of Plains Indians. They were fierce, nomadic warriors. The Kiowa worshipped a stone image, the taimay.
  • Fact 19 - The Pueblo lands extended from S Utah and S Colorado into Arizona, New Mexico, and adjacent territory in Mexico. The Pueblo became hostile and then revolted against the Spanish. Their resistance to the Spanish ended in a mass execution of Indians by Coronado. The term pueblo is also used for the villages occupied by the Pueblo
  • Fact 20 - The Waco tribe of the Wichita people is Plains tribe that inhabited northeastern Texas, beehive-shaped houses. The present day Waco, is located on the site of their principle village which they protected by defensive earthworks

Wichita Indian

  • Fact 21 - The Wichita were a tribe of hunter fishers who lived in fixed villages notable for their large, domed-shaped, grass-covered dwellings. The Wichita were known to tattoo their faces and bodies with solid and dotted lines and circles - their name means "raccoon-eyed people". They moved to Kansas, where they established a village at the site of present-day Wichita, Kansas.

  • Fact 22 - The Quapaw Indians are also called the Arkansas Indians. The state of Arkansas was named after the Quapaw, who were called Akansea or Akansa, meaning "land of the downriver people"
  • Fact 23 - The Shawnee tribe of Indians were later occupants of Georgia. The Shawnee were Algonquian-speaking tribes who were spread over a widespread geographic area although their earliest known home was in the state of Ohio. Traditionally the Shawnee lived in bark-covered houses grouped into large villages near cornfields. Many Shawnee fought as allies of their French trading partners during the early years of the French and Indian War (aka Seven Years War). In fact, the warlike Shawnee participated in almost every war of the Old West. They were greatly feared as it was their custom to torture their prisoners.

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