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Andrew Jackson

Who was Andrew Jackson?

Concise Biography, History & Facts About President Andrew Jackson
Seventh President - Andrew Jackson
Andrew Jackson Lifespan - 1767 - 1845
Place of Birth - March 15, 1767 in Waxhaw, South Carolina
Term as President - 1829-1837
Political Party - Democrat
Vice President / Vice Presidents - John C. Calhoun (1829-33), Martin Van Buren (1833-37)
Religion - Presbyterian
Andrew Jackson, Military Experience - American Revolution, War of 1812. First Seminole War
Name of Wife - Andrew Jackson was married to Rachel Donelson Robards in 1791.
Andrew Jackson Family -  He raised 11 children (none of them were his own) 
Career of Andrew Jackson - Law, Politician, Statesman
Member of U.S. House of Representatives, 1796-97
United States Senator, 1797-98
Justice on Tennessee Supreme Court, 1798-1804
Governor of the Florida Territory, 1821
United States Senator, 1823-25
Place of Death - Andrew Jackson died on June 8, 1845 at the Hermitage near Nashville, Tennessee
Next President:
President Martin Van Buren

Major events in the biography of
President Andrew Jackson
Battle of the Alamo and Texas independence (1836) 2 states admitted. Second Seminole War begins (1835).

Facts and History in the biography of President Andrew Jackson
14 year old Andrew Jackson and his older brother Robert were captured by British soldiers in the Battle of Hanging Rock and badly treated by the British. He defeated the Indians at Horseshoe Bend in 1814 and subsequently became a major general. He won the Battle of New Orleans over the British. Jackson served in the Tennessee Constitutional Convention, the United States House of Representatives and on the Tennessee Supreme Court. In 1830 Andrew Jackson 1830 President Jackson signed the Indian Removal Act, which authorized the forced removal of Indians living in the eastern part of the country to lands west of the Mississippi River which led to the infamous Trail of Tears. His evolution from Democratic-Republican to straight Democrat in 1832 marked the founding of the party. In 1836, on March 1st, Texas declared its independence from Mexico. Texan defenders of the Alamo were all killed during siege by the Mexican Army during the period Feb. 24–March 6. Texans defeated the  Mexicans at San Jacinto on April 21 1836. 

Presidential Facts and Trivia in response to the question who was President Andrew Jackson

  • Description of President Andrew Jackson - Height 6 feet 1 inch

  • Andrew Jackson  never weighed over 145 pounds
  • At the age of 13, he joined the Army to fight in the Revolutionary War
  • He suffered from the following illnesses : smallpox, depression, malaria, dysentery, dropsy 
  • Andrew Jackson was involved in many duels
  • Andrew Jackson killed Charles Dickinson in a duel and was wounded by a bullet. The bullet was lodged near his heart and could not be removed
  • During a September 1813 gunfight with the Benton brothers in Nashville Jackson was shot by a slug and a ball. The slug shattered his left shoulder and the ball embedded against his left humerus
  • Amputation of the left arm was recommended but Jackson refused saying, "I'll keep my arm"
  • Andrew Jackson owned slaves
  • By the late 1830s the Jackson administration has relocated nearly 50,000 Native Americans
  • Jackson enjoyed horse racing and cockfighting
  • His advisors were known as the "Kitchen Cabinet." 
  • Andrew Jackson was the first president to ride on a train
  • Jackson most probably died of heart failure
  • Andrew Jackson Age at Inauguration - 61 years old
  • Jackson's second inauguration was on March 4th 1833
  • Andrew Jackson Age at Death - 78 years old
  • Presidential Facts and Trivia in response to the question who was Andrew Jackson

President Coin or President Dollar Bill (more Presidential Facts and Trivia in response to the question who was Andrew Jackson)
Presidential Money. The United States has placed likenesses of the Presidents on many types of coins and currency. Andrew Jackson has appeared on the twenty dollar bill since 1929, replacing President Garfield who was on the twenty dollar notes issued in 1882, George Washington in 1905 and Grover Cleveland in 1914. 

President Andrew Jackson and the Constitution of the US (17th September,1787)

Information and Facts about any President of America is incomplete without explaining his role and his power in the government of the country. We have therefore included this section regarding the US Constitution. Under the U.S. Constitution the president is the head of state, the commander in chief of the armed forces and is also the chief executive of the federal government.

Facts about Eligibility
Article 2, Section 1, this section of the U.S. Constitution sets the requirements to hold office.

  • A natural born citizen of the US

  • A resident of the US for 14 years
  • Thirty-five years of age

Facts about Term of Office
Following election he, and the Vice President, shall hold his office during the term of four years. ( The twenty-second amendment, which started with the inauguration of Dwight Eisenhower, limits the this to two terms)

President's Executive Oath of Office
"I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States." 
United States Constitution, Article II, Section 1, Clause 8

Facts about Main Presidential Duties and power

  • Commander-in-chief of the armed forces of the United States

  • In times of war or national emergency to manage the national economy and protect the security of the United States
  • Nomination of the heads of all executive departments and agencies (Subject to Senate confirmation)
  • Preparing the budget of the United States, although the Congress must approve it.
  • Presidential legislative powers - The status of the country and his legislative proposals for the upcoming year are given in the annual State of the Union Address.

Facts about Presidential judicial power

  • Appointing important public officials such as ambassadors, other public ministers and consuls and judges of the Supreme Court.

  • Granting reprieves and pardons to anyone convicted of breaking a federal law — except in a case of impeachment.

Facts about Presidential power in foreign affairs

  • Federal official primarily responsible for the relations of the United States with foreign nations.

  • To make treaties and appoint ambassadors, ministers, and consuls (provided two thirds of the Senators present concur). 
  • To receive foreign ambassadors and other public officials. 

Facts about Andrew Jackson

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