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Facts about Christmas
Unusual and interesting information from our collection of interesting trivia and facts about Christmas. Perfect for Bible Study or fast homework help that is suitable for kids, children and adults.

Did you Know? List of Interesting Facts about Christmas
Facts are statements which are held to be true and often contrasted with opinions and beliefs. Our unusual and interesting facts about Christmas, trivia and information, including some useful statistics will fascinate everyone from kids and children to adults. Interesting Facts about Christmas
are as follows:

  • Fact 1 - Expect to spend an average of 2 hours and 27 minutes wrapping presents!
  • Fact 2 - Xmas was banned by the Puritans under the rule of Oliver Cromwell. In 1647 Parliament passed a law making Christmas illegal
  • Fact 3 - "A Christmas Carol" was written by Charles Dickens in 1843- it took him just six weeks!
  • Fact 4 - The names of Santa's reindeer are Dasher and Dancer, Prancer and Vixen, Comet and Cupid, and Dunder and Blixem
  • Fact 5 - The very first Santa pictures often depicted him wearing a variety of different color coats including green, blue and mauve
  • Fact 6 - Saint Nicholas is commonly identified with Santa Claus due to his reputation for generosity, secret gift-giving and his kindness to children
  • Fact 7 - Based on polls and statistics 45% of the population of the world celebrate Christmas
  • Fact 8 - famous poem 'T'was the night before Christmas' was written in 1822 by Clement Clarke Moore.
  • Fact 9 - From 1931 an illustrator called Haddon H. Sundblom produced Santa pictures every Xmas depicting Santa in his red coat as part of the Coca-Cola Xmas advertising campaigns
  • Fact 10 - 80% of people will have their shopping done by December 20th. To get it done, they'll make eight store visits in 6.5 days!
  • Fact 11 - Oklahoma became the last USA state to declare Xmas a legal holiday in 1907
  • Fact 12 - Expect to spend an average of 2 hours and 27 minutes wrapping presents!
  • Fact 13 - Coca Cola was the first beverage company to use Santa Claus for a winter promotion (they
    didn't invent Santa!)
  • Fact 14 - Based on polls and statistics 45% of the world population celebrate Christmas
  • Fact 15 - Every person will get elbowed or pushed at least three times when Christmas Shopping
  • Fact 16 - Christmas only became a national holiday in America on June, 26, 1870
  • Fact 17 - Every person will get elbowed or pushed at least three times when Christmas Shopping
  • Fact 18 - Q: How many houses must Santa visit on Christmas?
    A: 842,000,000
  • Fact 19 - 86% rated spending time with family and friends as the best thing about Christmas with only
    7% quoting time off work, 3% food and drink
    and 2% presents
  • Fact 20 - A traditional Christmas dinner in early England was the head of a pig prepared with mustard. Yuk!

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Facts about Christmas
We have included an interesting selection of trivia facts about Christmas which we hope will be of interest Most of these trivia facts about Christmas are quite amazing and some are little known! Many of these little known and random pieces of information and fun facts about Christmas and info will help you increase your knowledge of this subject.

Facts about Christmas

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Facts about Christmas