Facts about Bacteria

Interesting Facts about Bacteria

Interesting Facts about Bacteria
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Did you Know? List of Interesting Facts about Bacteria
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are as follows:

  • Fact 1 - Definition: Bacteria is a single-celled or noncellular spherical or spiral or rod-shaped organisms lacking chlorophyll that reproduce by fission
  • Fact 2 - The term bacteria was devised in the 19th century by the German biologist Ferdinand Cohn (24 January 1828 – 25 June 1898) who based it on the Greek word 'bakterion' meaning a small rod or staff.
  • Fact 3 - Ferdinand Cohn classified bacteria into four groups based on shape:
    • Sphericals
    • Short rods
    • Threads
    • Spirals
  • Fact 4 - Ferdinand Cohn is considered to be the father of modern bacteriology
  • Fact 5 - Some types of bacteria can cause diseases and become harmful to the environment whilst other types others offer benefits
  • Fact 6 - Bacteria are everywhere - in the air, sky, on mountains, in oceans, in humans, animals and on everything we touch
  • Fact 7 - Bacteria are minute, on average most species of bacteria have diameters of 0.5 to 2.0 microns
  • Fact 8 - Some bacteria can move
  • Fact 9 - Anywhere that dead and decaying matter is present is a good home for bacteria
  • Fact 10 - Examples of bacteria include:
    • Acidophilus, a normal inhabitant of yogurt
    • Clostridium welchii the most common cause of gas gangrene
    • E. coli - found in the lower intestine. E. coli can be a threat to food safety
    • Streptococcus, the human mouth and gut. Can cause diseases including strep throat
    • Chlamydia which causes a sexually transmitted  infection
  • Fact 11 - Bacteria have flourished on earth for over three billion years
  • Fact 12 - Some types can attack plants, causing diseases like leaf spot and fireblight
  • Fact 13 - The term “friendly bacteria” is used to describe the types of bacteria that offer some benefit
    • Helps produce food
    • Keeps soil fertile
    • Helps us to digest food
    • Inhibits the growth of potentially harmful bacteria
  • Fact 14 - Friendly Bacteria: Bacteria in our digestive system help to convert milk protein into lactic acid and reducing the growth of harmful bacteria.
  • Fact 15 - People have millions of bacteria living on the skin surface and on the mucous membranes of the nose, mouth, and bowels
  • Fact 16 - Humans spread bacteria from the mouth and nose
  • Fact 17 - The virulence of the bacteria: Virulence = the capability of bacteria to cause infection by production of bacterial poisons
  • Fact 18 - MRSA was discovered in 1961 in the United Kingdom and is often referred to in the press as a "superbug"
  • Fact 19 - MRSA infections are responsible for more deaths in the U.S. each year than AIDS
  • Fact 20 - Antonie van Leeuwenhoek was the first person to observe bacteria using a microscope
  • Fact 21 - Robert Koch was a pioneer in medical microbiology and worked on cholera, anthrax and tuberculosis

Facts about Bacteria
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Facts about Bacteria

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Information and Interesting Facts about Bacteria

Interesting Facts about Bacteria

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