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Interesting Facts about Gerbils

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Facts about Gerbils
Unusual and interesting information and trivia about animals from our collection of interesting facts about Gerbils. Perfect for fast homework help that is suitable for kids, children and adults.

Did you Know? List of Facts about Gerbils
Facts are statements which are held to be true and often contrasted with opinions and beliefs. Our unusual and interesting facts about Gerbils, trivia and information, including some useful statistics about animals will fascinate everyone from kids and children to adults. Interesting Facts about Gerbils
are as follows:

  • Fact 1 - Definition: Gerbils are small burrowing desert rodents with long soft pale fur and hind legs adapted for jumping and leaping
  • Fact 2 - Gerbils were once referred to as 'Desert Rats'
  • Fact 3 - They are native to India, Africa and Asia
  • Fact 4 - Gerbils are friendly and sociable rodents that live in groups
  • Fact 5 - The Mongolia gerbils are popular as pets
  • Fact 6 - They come in many different colors ranging from browns, grays and cream colors
  • Fact 7 - The gerbil will pound both hind legs on the ground when he is excited. This behavior is called 'Thumping'
  • Fact 8 - Gerbils stats and facts
    • Weight: 2 ozs
    • Length: 6-12 inches (including the tail)
    • Habitat: Deserts, savannas and mountain slopes
    • Lifespan: 2-3 years
    • Diet: Gerbils are omnivores eating mainly seeds, fruits, insects and vegetables
  • Fact 9 - There are more than 100 species of gerbil
  • Fact 10 - Their teeth grow continuously through their lives
  • Fact 11 - A gerbil marks his territory by rubbing stomach on nearby the objects
  • Fact 12 - Gerbils live in burrows which protect them from extreme temperatures
  • Fact 13 - Gerbil burrows consist of many tunnels, with nests and food chambers
  • Fact 14 - Gerbils require little water as they do not sweat
  • Fact 15 - The collective name for a group is a business
  • Fact 16 - Males are called Hob
  • Fact 17 - Females are called Jill
  • Fact 18 - The names given to babies are kits

Facts about Gerbils - Scientific Names / Classification
Scientific Names / Classification of Gerbils - The scientists who study animals (zoology) are called zoologists. Each animal that is studied is classified, that is, split into descriptive groups starting with main groups (vertebrates and invertebrates) the Families of animals are also included and the families are then split into species. These various scientific facts about Gerbils are as follows:

  • Kingdom: Animalia
    Phylum: Chordata
    Class: Mammalia
    Order: Rodentia
    Superfamily: Muroidea
    Family: Muridae
    Subfamily: Gerbillinae

Facts about Gerbils
We have included a selection of trivia and interesting facts about Gerbils which we hope will be of help with homework. Most of these interesting facts about Gerbils are quite amazing and some are little known pieces of trivia and facts! Many of these interesting pieces of animal information and fun facts about Gerbils and info will help you increase your knowledge on the subject of animals and Gerbils.

Facts about Gerbils

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  • Interesting facts about Gerbils

Animal Information, Stats and Interesting Facts about Gerbils

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Animal Information and Interesting Facts about Gerbils

Interesting Facts about Gerbils

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