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Facts about Rhinoceros
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Did you Know? List of Facts about Rhinoceros
Facts are statements which are held to be true and often contrasted with opinions and beliefs. Our unusual and interesting facts about Rhinoceros, trivia and information, including some useful statistics about animals will fascinate everyone from kids and children to adults. Interesting Facts about Rhinoceros
are as follows:

  • Fact 1 - Definition: A rhinoceros is a large and powerful animal of southeast Asia and Africa which
    usually have either one or two stout conical median horns on the snout
  • Fact 2 - The Indian, or white, and the Javan rhinos (Rhinoceros Indicus and R. Sondaicus) have incisor and canine teeth, but only one horn, and the very thick skin forms shield like folds
  • Fact 3 - The two Malay, or East Indian, two-horned rhinos belong to Ceratohinus, in which incisor and
    canine teeth are present
  • Fact 4 - The two African rhinos belong to {Atelodus}, and have two horns, but lack the dermal folds, and the incisor and canine teeth.
  • Fact 5 - The word "rhinoceros" is of Greek origin from the word "rhino" meaning "nose" and the word "ceros" meaning "horn."
  • Fact 6 - All of the species of rhinoceros reach one tonne or more in weight
  • Fact 7 - The African rhinos and the Sumatran Rhinoceros have two horns, whilst the Indian and Javan Rhinoceros have a single horn
  • Fact 8 - Rhinos have acute hearing and sense of smell, but poor eyesight
  • Fact 9 - Rhinoceros habitat: the African savannas and the tropical forests of Asia
  • Fact 10 - Dung deposited by rhinos marks their territory
  • Fact 11 - Endangered Species:
    • The Javan rhinoceros and the Sumatran rhinoceros are listed by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) as 'critically endangered'
      • Critically Endangered - CR (Status: Threatened) - Face an extremely high risk of extinction in the immediate future
    • The Indian rhinoceros is listed as 'endangered'
      • Endangered Species - EN (Status: Threatened) -  In the immediate probability of becoming extinct and require protection to exist.

Black Rhino

  • Fact 12 - Very few rhinos now survive outside national parks and reserves
  • Fact 13 - Egrets and other types of birds can be found with rhinos, feeding on external parasites
  • Fact 14 - Rhinoceros lifespan: 35 - 40 years
  • Fact 15 - The White rhinoceros has a square mouth, as opposed to the black rhinoceros’s hooked lipped mouth
  • Fact 16 - White rhinoceros stats and facts
    • Weight: 2,150kg (4,730lbs.)
    • Shoulder Height: 1.70m (5.6ft)
    • Speed: 45kph (28mph)
    • Record Length of front horn: 158cm (63in)
    • Record Length of rear horn: 56cm (23in)
  • Fact 17 - Black rhinoceros stats and facts
    • Weight: 2,150kg (4,730lbs.)
    • Shoulder Height: 1.60m (5.3ft)
    • Speed: 45kph (28mph)
    • Record Length of front horn: 135cm (54in)
    • Record Length of rear horn: 46cm (18in)
  • Fact 18 - All rhinos have three toes on each foot - they are "three-toed ungulates"
  • Fact 19 - The horn of the rhinoceros is made of keratin (like fingernails and hair)
  • Fact 20 - Rhinos are intelligent and can be trained

Facts about Rhinoceros
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One horned Rhinoceros

Facts about Rhinoceros

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Interesting Facts about Rhinoceros

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