Facts about Solar Energy

Interesting Facts about Solar Energy

Interesting Facts about Solar Energy
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Did you Know? List of Interesting Facts about Solar Energy
Facts are statements which are held to be true and often contrasted with opinions and beliefs. Our unusual and interesting facts about Solar Energy, trivia and information, including some useful statistics will fascinate everyone from kids and children to adults. Interesting Facts about Solar Energy
are as follows:

  • Fact 1 - Definition: radiant light and heat from the sun that is converted into thermal or electrical i.e. Power collected from sunlight used to generate electricity energy
  • Fact 2 - Experts believe that sunlight has the potential to supply 5,000 times as much energy as the world currently consumes
  • Fact 3 - Energy gained from the sun is a renewable resource and can be collected by solar panels
  • Fact 4 - Solar power energy systems for the home consist of 6 parts – a battery, a charge controller, an inverter, solar panels, a support structure and wiring
  • Fact 5 - Solar power energy is successfully being used for cooking, cooling, heating, communications, driving space craft, lighting and many other purposes
  • Fact 6 - Electric ovens take the most amount of electrical energy, followed by microwaves and central air conditioning
  • Fact 7 - Leonardo Da Vinci predicted a solar industrialization during the late 15th century
  • Fact 8 - America accounts for over a quarter of world energy consumption with only 5% of the world's population
  • Fact 9 - Solar power is capable of providing many times the energy demand but as it is an intermittent energy source it is not available at all times
  • Fact 10 - The amount of sunlight is dependent on location, time of day, time of year, and weather conditions.
  • Fact 11 - A large surface area is therefore required to collect the energy at a practical rate.
  • Fact 12 - 4% of the world's desert area  with photovoltaics could supply the equivalent of all of the world's electricity. The technology of Photovoltaics is the conversion of sunlight into electricity - also called "solar cells"
  • Fact 13 - Horace de Saussure, a Swiss scientist, invented the world’s first solar energy collector, or ‘hot box’ in 1767
  • Fact 14 - Albert Einstein won the Nobel Prize in 1921 for his experiments with solar energy and photovoltaics
  • Fact 14 - Solar and Wind Power sources are increasing in popularity because unlike fossil fuel and nuclear energy they leave little waste product that can harm or pollute the earth.

Facts about Solar Energy
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Facts about Solar Energy

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Information and Interesting Facts about Solar Energy

Interesting Facts about Solar Energy

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