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Facts about Sulfur - Element included on the Periodic Table
The British spelling is Sulphur

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Facts about the Definition of the Element Sulfur - The British spelling is Sulphur
The Element Sulfur is defined as...
A pale yellow non-metallic element occurring widely in nature in several free and combined allotropic forms. It is used in black gunpowder, rubber vulcanization, the manufacture of insecticides and pharmaceuticals, and in the preparation of sulfur compounds such as hydrogen sulfide and sulfuric acid. The IUPAC has adopted the spelling "sulfur", as has the Royal Society of Chemistry Nomenclature Committee.

Interesting Facts about the Origin and Meaning of the element name Sulfur ( British spelling Sulphur )
What are the origins of the word Sulfur ?
The name originates from the Latin word 'sulfur' and Middle English 'sulfre' meaning brimstone.


Facts about the Classification of the Element Sulfur ( British spelling Sulphur )
Sulfur is classified as an element in the 'Non-metals' section which can be located in groups 14,15 and 16 of the Periodic Table. Non-metals are not easily able to conduct electricity or heat and do not reflect light . Non-metallic elements are very brittle, and cannot be rolled into wires or pounded into sheets. Non-metallic elements exist, at room temperature, in two of the three states of matter : gases (such as oxygen) and solids (such as carbon).

Brief Facts about the Discovery and History of the Element Sulfur ( British spelling Sulphur )
The discovery of Sulfur dates back to Antiquity and used by the ancient South Americans, Asians, Egyptians, Greeks, Romans and Chinese.

Occurrence of the element Sulfur in the Atmosphere ( British spelling Sulphur )
Exists as molecules in the solid state

Common Uses of Sulfur ( British spelling Sulphur )
Production of sulfuric acid
Sulphur dioxide

The Properties of the Element Sulfur

Name of Element : Sulfur ( Sulphur)
Symbol of Element : S
Atomic Number of Sulfur : 16
Atomic Mass: 32.066 amu
Melting Point: 112.8 C - 385.95 K
Boiling Point: 444.6 C - 717.75 K
Number of Protons/Electrons in Sulfur : 16
Number of Neutrons in Sulfur : 16
Crystal Structure: Rhombic - monoclinic
Density @ 293 K: 2.07 g/cm3
Color of Sulfur : yellow

The element Sulfur and the Periodic Table
Find out more facts about Sulfur on the Periodic Table which arranges every chemical element according to its atomic number, as based on the periodic law, so that chemical elements with similar properties are in the same column. Our Periodic Table is simple to use - just click on the symbol for Sulfur for additional facts and info and for an instant comparison of the Atomic Weight, Melting Point, Boiling Point and Mass - G/cc of Sulfur with any other element. An invaluable source for more interesting facts and information about the Sulfur element and as a Chemistry reference guide.

Facts and Info about the element Argon - IUPAC and the Modern Standardised Periodic Table
The Standardised Periodic Table in use today was agreed by the International Union of Pure Applied Chemistry, IUPAC, in 1985 which includes the Sulfur element. The famous Russian Scientist, Dimitri Mendeleev, perceived the correct classification method of "the periodic table" for the 65 elements which were known in his time. The Standardised Periodic Table now recognises more periods and elements than Dimitri Mendeleev knew in his day but still all fitting into his concept of the "Periodic Table" in which Sulfur is just one element that can be found.

Facts and Info about the Element Sulfur

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Information Facts about the Sulfur Element