Facts and Info about
the Planet Earth

Facts about Earth - Facts and Info about the Third Planet Closest to the Sun in our Solar System and our Home!

Facts and Info about the Planet Earth
Earth is the planet in the Solar System we all are most familiar with. Although we use the Old English name Earth for our planet it has been called several other names by past civilisations, many of which will be familiar to science fiction fans, they include, Tellus the Roman goddess of the Earth and the symbol of fertility, Gaia the ancient Greek earth goddess and of course Terra from the Latin meaning earth.

The Planet Earth

How far is the Planet Earth away from the Sun?
Our Planet is the third closest to the Sun in our Solar System, the average distance being 150 million Km.
The term Earth refers to the planet as a physical entity and distinguishes it from other planets. The World is used to describe the place where the human civilisation lives, from a global, rather than a national or a regional, perspective.

How big is it? More Facts about the Planet Earth
The Planet Earth is not very big, it has a diameter of 12,756 km and a mass of 5.972e24 kg..

What do we know of Earth's single Moon ?
The Earth has only one moon and it is of course called "The Moon" or in Latin Luna. The Moon is particularly interesting as its the closest planetary body to us, but also the only extraterrestrial body mankind has set foot on.

Facts about the Planet Earth and Earth's Moon
Man's first encounter with the Moon was the Soviet probe Luna probe in 1959, the most important being when Neil Armstrong and then 'Buzz' Aldrin set foot on the moon from surface from the Eagle Lander on the 20th July 1969, It really was 'One small step for man, One giant leap for mankind'. The Moon Earth's only satellite orbits our planet 384,400 km above our heads it has a diameter of 3476 km and a mass of 7.35e22 kg. The Moon has no atmosphere and it's Gravity is only 38% as strong as Earths.

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Facts and Info about the Earth, also known as:-
Tellus - Gaia - Terra

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Facts and Info about the Planet Earth


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