Facts and Info about
the Planet Neptune

Facts and Info about the Planet Eighth furthest
from the Sun in our Solar System

Facts and Info about the Planet Neptune
Neptune was the Roman Mythological God of the Sea and earthquakes, he was also called the Earth-shaker!

Neptune was first correctly observed by Galle and d'Arrest in 1846 following predictions by the English Astronomer John Couch Adams and the French Astronomer Le Verrier, the result of these predictions when they were confirmed was an international dispute between the English and French as to who should in fact be credited with the prediction and given the right to name the new Planet! We now jointly credit both Astronomers so at least the dispute is resolved!

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The Planet Neptune

How far is the Planet Neptune away from the Sun ?
Neptune is the sixth furthest planet in our Solar system from the Sun, the average distance being 4497 million Km (30.06 Au), Earth by comparison is one thirtieth this distance away from the sun.

How big is it ?
The Planet Neptune has a diameter of about 49572km, nearly four times that of the Earth, this makes it the fourth biggest Planet in our Solar System, and it's mass is in the order of 1.03e26 kg, eighteen times greater than that of Earth.

What is it like on the surface of the Planet Neptune ?
Neptune is a gas planet probably consisting of mainly rock and approximately 15% hydrogen. The Planets atmosphere is mostly hydrogen and helium with a small amount of methane, the latter is responsible for the Planets blue colour.

Does the Planet Neptune have any Moons ?
There are 13 known Moons, the best known are Naiad, Thalassa, Despina, Galatea, Larissa, Proteus, Triton and Nereid.

Facts and Info about Neptune - a Gas Planet

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Facts and Info about the Planet Neptune

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