Facts and Info about
the Planet Venus

Facts about Venus - Planet Second Closest to the Sun in our Solar System

Facts and Info about the Planet Venus
The name Venus is derived from Roman Mythology, She was the goddess of beauty and love. Venus 108 million Km from the Sun. As Venus is the the brightest object in our night sky apart from the moon it is no surprise that it has been known to mankind since prehistoric times. Venus was named after the Roman goddess of love and beauty. Most of what we now of Venus was derived from data detected by the Mariner, Venera and Pioneer Probes.

The Planet Venus

How far is the Planet Venus away from the Sun ?
This is the second closest planet in our Solar system to the Sun, the average distance being 67 million Km (0.723 A.U.), Earth by comparison is more than twice this distance further away from the Sun.

How big is it? More Facts about Venus
The Planet Venus is about 5% smaller than Earth having a diameter of 12,100 km, and a mass of 4.87e24 kg or about 80% of the Earth's mass, much of which is accounted for by Venus's Nickel/Iron core.

What is it like on the surface of the Planet Venus ?
It was thought for some time that due to Venus's size, relative closeness to earth and its cloudy atmosphere it could be very similar to Earth, Unfortunately we now now that the Venus atmosphere is mainly Carbon Dioxide at 90 times Earth atmospheric pressure and the clouds in fact consist of Sulphuric Acid causing a greenhouse effected surface temperature of approximately 740K with 350 kph winds.

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Does the Planet Venus have any Moons ?
Although most of the Planets in the Solar System posses multiple moons Venus is one of the few planets  which has neither moons nor satellites captive within it's gravity well.

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Facts and Info about the Planet Venus

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