Facts about Flowers

Interesting Facts about Flowers

Interesting Facts about Flowers
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Did you Know? List of Interesting Facts about Flowers
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are as follows:

  • Fact 1 - Definition: The blooms or blossoms of plants; flowers are the showy portions, usually of a different color, shape and texture from the foliage
  • Fact 2 - Complete flowerS consists of Pistils, stamens, stigmas, anthers, petals and sepals
  • Fact 3 - The parts of flowers are described as follows:
    • The corolla is the floral envelope inside the calyx, composed of a whorl of petals
    • The pistil is the female organ of a flower consisting of ovary, style and stigma
    • The stamen is the male organ of a flower consisting of an anther on a filament
    • The stigma is the tip of the pistil, usually sticky, which receives the pollen for fertilization of the ovule
    • The anther is the free end of the stamen that bears pollen; pollen sac
    • The sepal is the name of the Lower flower part called the calyx
    • The calyx is the outer whorl of floral envelopes, composed of sepals
    • A petal is one division of the corolla
  • Fact 4 - The scientific name for plants which produce flowers are called angiosperms, derived from the Greek word “angos” and “sperm” meaning “seed bearing”
  • Fact 5 - There are over 15,000 species of roses cultivated across the world
  • Fact 6 - The Rose is the most popular flower in the world followed by flowers such as Chrysanthemums, Tulips, Lilies, Poinsettias and Narcissus
  • Fact 7 - The first flowers appeared on our Planet over 130 million years ago
  • Fact 8 - Flora was the Roman Goddess of flowers and her name continues to be used as a collective term for plant life and flowers.
  • Fact 9 - Birth Flowers! During Roman birthday celebrations gifts included flowers - the first traditions and origins of Birth Month Flowers:
    • January: the Carnation or Snowdrop
    • February: the Violet or Primrose
    • March, the Jonquil (aka Daffodil or Narcissus)
    • April: the Sweet pea or Daisy
    • May, the Lily of the Valley
    • June: the Rose
    • July, the Larkspur or Water Lily
    • August: the Gladiolus or Poppy
    • September, the Aster or Morning Glory
    • October: the Calendula (Marigold)
    • November, the Chrysanthemum
    • December: the Narcissus
  • Fact 10 - Interflora is the world's largest flower delivery service supported by a network of 50,000 florists worldwide delivering flowers to approximately 150 countries
  • Fact 11 - The language of flowers developed during the highly conservative period of the Victorian era when a message was assigned to specific flowers by which means a lover could send flowers which conveyed a hidden romantic meaning! Unusual facts about flowers!
    • Ambrosia - Your Love Is Given Returned
    • Azalea - Take Care Of Yourself For Me
    • Camellia (Pink) - Longing For You
    • Camellia (White) - You're Adorable
    • Carnation (Pink) - I'll Never Forget You
    • Carnation (Red) - My Heart Aches For You
    • Carnation (Striped) - Sorry I Can't Be With You
    • Cyclamen - Good-Bye
    • Daffodil - You're The Only One
    • Daisy - I'll Never Tell
    • Forget-Me-Not - True Love
    • Gardenia - You're Lovely
    • Hyacinth (Purple) - I Am Sorry, Please Forgive Me
    • Hydrangea - Thank You For Understanding
    • Narcissus - Stay As Sweet As You Are
    • Orchid - Beautiful Lady
    • Primrose - I Can't Live Without You
    • Rose (Red) - I Love You
    • Spider Flower - Elope With Me
    • Sweetpea - Thank You For A Lovely Time
    • Violet (Blue) - I'll Always Be True
    • Violet (White) - Let's Take A Chance
    • Viscaria - Dance With Me

Facts about Flowers
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Facts about Flowers

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Interesting Facts about Flowers

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